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Full Version: Lunch Lady (v1.5.0 - Build 7323621) [Online-fix by 0xdeadc0de] {M4CKD0GE}
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Lunch Lady (v1.5.0 - Build 7323621) [Online-fix by 0xdeadc0de] {M4CKD0GE}

Please Read!
¬ Update released on 8th September 2021.
¬ Patchnotes can be found here:
¬ Online-fix has already been pre-applied, so you can play as soon as you've downloaded and extracted the archive.
¬ Password for the archive is "M4CKD0GE".
¬ Installed size is 2.36 GB. Download size is 2.18 GB.
¬ Massive thanks to 0xdeadc0de for their online-fix <3

Pixeldrain --->
1fichier --->

Hope you all enjoy! <3